Night Owls Unite

Night after night I would lie awake until 1 a.m. or later, freaking out about my inevitable exhaustion the next day, as the Santa Ana winds violently rustled the Italian Cypress trees outside my bedroom window.

Alex Williams – NYTimes

This is the story of my relationship with sleep. Except for the part about the particular winds and the particular trees. I don’t sleep at night.


Misogynist Terrorism

Despite a great deal of evidence that connects the dots between these mass killers and radical misogynist groups, we still largely refer to the attackers as “lone wolves” — a mistake that ignores the preventable way these men’s fear and anger are deliberately cultivated and fed online.

Here’s the term we should all use instead: misogynist terrorism. Until we grapple with the disdain for women that drives these mass murderers, and the way that the killers are increasingly radicalized on the internet, there will be no stopping future tragedies.

New York Times

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