Self Discipline and Emotional Control – Tom Miller

This was one of the best training programs I was ever sent to by my employers. I probably should acknowledge a debt to Graeber, Simmons & Cowan’s office manager, Kelly Halls, for making me attend this damn seminar. I’ve used things I learned in this program to alter my behavior ever since. I still can’t catch that horse every time, but at least I know it’s the horse that needs catching, not someone else making me do something.

Self Discipline and Emotional Control – Tom Miller
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The seminar is still available on Amazon in CD form. I recommend it for anyone who thinks they might need to get a handle on their emotions. It was very helpful to me. I have mentioned this before on the blog, I used REBT therapy to quit smoking and to stop eating french fries by relating a desire for these things to smells related to them that I find repulsive. For cigarettes I selected the smell of a nightclub when you open the doors to clean it after a heavy night of partying. The combined smell of stale cigarette smoke, alcohol and vomit should be enough to put you off anything. For french fries I used the smell of a restaurant grease pit. Turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Hard nosed, literal, precise and accurate.

Tom Miller

Facebook status backdated to the blog. I have no idea why this subject was on my Facebook wall that day. I probably went-off-the-handle with somebody. I failed to catch that horse before it got away. It’s a never-ending battle.  He is not one of the Tom Millers on Goodreads, just FYI. There are several of them there. I can not find him on Wikipedia either. This is a shame because the man made a big difference in my life. Mentioned again on Facebook here.